About Us

CultureBound has over 50 years of history. We exist to train you for life and work in an unfamiliar culture. We teach you how to learn culture and language, how to become a part of a new community, and how to view your neighbors in a different and positive way.


The core of our mission is to increase the effectiveness of Gospel ministry by facilitating intercultural understanding. 

Our History

Donald and Faye Smith, missionaries in Zimbabwe, observed and researched communication in various cultures.

Image by Annie Spratt

The IICC began to include a living and learning environment. They purchased a building and became known as WorldView.


CultureBound offers online training and more in-depth courses for missions, churches, business, schools, and more.






Image by Kaung Myat Min

Their findings became widely known and they established the Institute of International Christian Communication.

Image by Ibrahim Rifath

As training developed and property sold, WorldView transitioned to CultureBound, encompassing culture training in many forms.

Meet Our Team

Mark Hedinger, DIS

Executive Director

Mark leads our team through training and organization. Mark and his family spent 12 years living and teaching in Mexico. He has taught in a variety of international locations and  serves in a multicultural church.

Dr. Terry Steele

Director of Academic Programs

Terry brings knowledge and experience in teaching through his thorough education. He teaches at a university and regularly writes academic articles and research pieces.

Karen Hedinger

Director of Language Acquisition Program

Karen's expertise in 4 languages allows her to effectively lead and teach our language acquisition program. She has led alongside her husband Mark for many years.

Lauren Wells


Lauren's experience overseas has made her a great asset to the CultureBound training program. She is focused on teaching parents and families how to best raise third culture kids.

Rachel Askew

Director of Communications

Rachel manages and creates all things marketing, social media, and other pieces of communication. Her plans and strategies allow CultureBound to continue growth online.

Jon Mazarella

Business Office Manager

Jon keeps CultureBound running through an abundance of office tasks. His experience has equipped CultureBound to be successful. Jon also serves as a co-host for the podcast.

Kylie Trout

Communications Coordinator

Kylie is a vital asset to the marketing and production teams. She brings organization and coordination for events and other tasks. Kylie serves as a co-host for the podcast.

Jacob Huey


Jacob brings technical experience to the CultureBound team. He records, edits, and produces the podcast. Jacob also manages our databases and backend tasks. 

Natalie Kim


Natalie is a major asset to our team with her expertise and training ability. She leads many of our CultureCourse cohort classes and some of our additional courses.

Giving a Presentation

The presentation was very clear and helpful. In comparison to other trainings, CultureBound explains things more deeply with a very concrete structure.


Global Worker

By the Great Wall of China

CultureCourse is a great way to learn about new cultures with a humble and well-trained group of individuals. I cannot recommend this training enough!


Global Worker