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Our ChurchCourse is designed to assist those who want to reach different cultures in their own neighborhood. We give you a condensed version of our culture training and cater it to churches and neighbors so you can be on mission at home.

Study group

Topics include:

  • Patterns of Culture

  • Relational Theology

  • Relational Learning

  • Learning Mindset

  • Cross-Cultural Communication

  • CultureBound's Culture Tree

  • Layers of Culture

  • Your Community and Culture

  • Intercultural Attitudes

  • Dimensions of Communication

  • Cultural Engagement

  • Observational Tools

  • Application

ChurchCourse Coming Soon!

The course for church communities will guide you in cross-cultural interactions within and around your church. You'll learn how to see cultural patterns, minister more effectively, and engage cross-culturally. As we update our ChurchCourse format, please register to be the first to know about 2022 scheduling.