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Learn to bridge cultural barriers in your church.
Learn to connect with immigrants.

Each community represents many people, cultures, and languages. The church represents one body of Christ. Fulfill this calling.

Our church is in a location where people come from all over. We have created services in different languages to support the many cultures that attend. We noticed, however, that it started to seem like separate churches.

CultureBound helped us to realize that even though language and culture can be barriers, we can overcome those barriers and have a true body of Christ. We don't want to separate, we want to all be together. We want to worship as children of God, not as individuals from our respective places.

This course was insightful, helpful, and needed. Our church members have had nothing but positive feedback and they feel as if they have opened doors, made new friendships, and truly have united as the body of Christ. We cannot recommend this more! 

Image by Naassom Azevedo
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