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Culture Learning: The Art of Understanding What No One Can Teach You, by Executive Director Mark Hedinger, is your guide to building successful relationships with people from other cultures. 

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Self-Directed Learning is a vital skill for people who are working in a culture or language different than their own. This book outlines the why and how of that kind of learning with specific focus on people who are crossing cultures. It is helpful for those who are moving into a new culture, and also for those who are welcoming or receiving people from other backgrounds.

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This is a book about a journey, but it’s not really about a change of location. The journey you will learn about takes place within. The goal is to transform your mind and heart so that you can connect with the mind and heart of another human being who sees life much differently than you.

Journeys can be powerful, even epic at times! Think about the journey of an American couple, packing up their household and moving with young children to live and work in Mexico. They initially thought the change of location would be the most significant adjustment. What they learned over time was that the changes to their life patterns were even more powerful. The journey of their hearts and minds included everything from new ways of eating to new habits of understanding human relationships. The journey of changing their patterns of life, it turns out, was much more significant than the change of location.

Some physical journeys can be short and appear insignificant. You can walk to the grocery store or the neighborhood gym without much of that “epic” feeling. As you make that short walk, however, you pass the homes of migrants, refugees, and newcomers from all over the world right in your own neighborhood. They are on much of the same journey as the couple in Mexico. They are learning to live and work where the patterns of thought, relationship, daily life, and cycles of life are very different than what they grew up with! The journey they are taking is so much more difficult and profound than the voyage that brought them here.

The important, significant journey comes from growth in your heart and mind. As you discover this deeper journey into understanding, you will find that learning a series of cultural “rules” is not enough.

An introduction from Mark Hedinger