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CultureBound training is versatile. Our lessons are applicable to all people, whether you have a mission focus or not. Have you ever struggled to communicate with a co-worker from another country? Do you teach students from all backgrounds? Are you interested in befriending your new next-door neighbor whose life patterns are different from yours? There are many applications for our training.

CultureBound+ is the collection of courses that we offer to anyone interested in learning about culture, cross-cultural communication, and language. These courses are designed by trainers with years of experience in culture and language. Each course offers research-based information, experiential learning techniques, and analytical questions designed to help you put your knowledge into practice. 


Cultural Foundations

Image by Naassom Azevedo

What is culture? What is your culture? How are you supposed to relate with other cultures? These questions answered in this course! 


NEW! Self-Directed Learning

Remote Learning

It is important to be self-directed when learning another culture. Why? What knowledge, attitudes, and skills are needed for success?


American Patterns

Image by frank mckenna

How do Americans live their lives? What cultural patterns do we see in the United States? How can Americans adapt to other cultures?


Cultural Awareness

Made Practical (CAMP)

Image by pavan gupta

How can you go into the world and build relationships with people from other cultures? What practical steps should you take?

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