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Why should you partner with CultureBound?
When you partner with us, you are taking an active part in the global church. CultureBound training sends people to their own neighborhoods, other states, and other countries prepared to share the Gospel through relational ministry. God is moving through CultureBound all over the Earth.

You don't have to take our word for it!
There are countless stories and testimonies from course alumni, agency leaders, and staff. When you give, pray, or share, you become involved in these stories. It starts with you. 

Read some of these powerful experiences below. 

Gym George

Joseph* got involved with CultureBound many years ago. He has since been a missionary in Europe, using CultureBound training in everyday life. While back in the United States for a temporary assignment, Joseph continued to look for ways to minister to those in his community. 

While at the gym one morning, he noticed a man dressed a little differently than everyone else. He seemed confused about how to use the training machines. Joseph started a conversation with him and immediately noticed his accent. Through the conversation, he was able to find out that he was from another country and did feel confused about certain things.

Over time, Joseph came to know more about George and was able to help him understand cultural norms at the gym in the United States. He helped George use the CultureBound Learning Cycle to observe what to do in a situation. Joseph and George formed a fast friendship and Joseph was able to build trust.

This has opened to door for Joseph to have conversations and share the Gospel with George. In addition, other people at the gym noticed. They talked to Joseph and thanked him for befriending George.


Because of his CultureBound training, Joseph made a connection with George, he opened the door for George to learn and connect with others, and he opened the door to share the most important message with George. 

Image by Kumpan Electric

These examples are just SOME of the global impact of CultureBound.
We believe God is in control and that he has been faithful in our ministry.
We also believe that he uses people like you to help CultureBound succeed. 

We ask you to prayerfully consider joining our support team and becoming an active part of the global church. Through financial gifts, prayer, and sharing with others, you impact many people.

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