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An Update

A Letter from Mark Hedinger

Greetings from your friends at CultureBound! I hope this letter finds you well. I write today to share with you some transitions in our ministry. We appreciate your support! We have exciting new opportunities to prepare Gospel workers to go “from everywhere to everywhere.” These opportunities allow us to add to the team of people who support our work in prayer, through recommendation, and through finances.

It has been nearly 5 years now since WorldView was restructured into two ministries - CultureBound and Sanctuary Inn. We can celebrate God's faithfulness in moving us ahead as two separate entities. In the first two years, CultureBound offered in-person culture and language training. We saw great success, but also saw an interest in virtual format. 

In early 2020, literally months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, we began preparing online formats for our courses.

By the time that in-person training was difficult or impossible, we were prepared with online courses. We have fully transitioned our curriculum to virtual format. As we have grown, we have capitalized on opportunities for growth. We have translated our CultureCourse for participants who speak Spanish, and are working on the same for LanguageCourse. We have expanded training for temporary mission groups, local churches, and business groups. We have used funds from the sale of the WorldView building to build new programs and develop the CultureBound brand. Move the slider below to see the creation of the CultureBound brand!

I hope you are starting to see how God has flourished this ministry even during the uncertainty of the pandemic. In 2020 and 2021 we have trained hundreds of people to be effective in an unfamiliar culture and unfamiliar language. We are eternally grateful to our Lord for His guidance and provision through this difficult year. 

This leads us to a new area of needed development. We were glad to use the proceeds from the building sale to get established, but we must now become financially stable. We want to ask if you would prayerfully consider joining the team of donors and prayer partners who walk with us through these stages of growth. To be specific, we are facing two big financial goals. We need to raise $60,000 by August 31 to end this year in the black. We also are looking to gain 80 new partners who can give $100 per month.

Raise $60,000 between now and August 31, 2021


Gain 80 new partners who give $100 per month


Will you prayerfully consider joining our team through donations, prayer, or recommendation? 

We would love to hear from you. Click the link below to tell us how you can partner with us!

Almost five years ago we faced moving out of the WorldView building without knowing how it would work out. God’s goodness through these years has been beyond what we could’ve imagined. We have trained and sent hundreds of gospel workers with the cultural and language knowledge needed to be successful in a new community. CultureBound is a recognized name and we have been able to build a network of people who follow and support us. God’s blessings never fail to amaze!

Thank you for reading and praying over this update. I am always available by phone at 503.235.3818 or by email at I would love to talk with you more and answer any questions.