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The Power of Prayer

As a Christian ministry, we believe in the power of prayer. We have seen the faithfulness of God and know that when we seek him, he hears us. We ask you to partner with us in prayer. If you feel led to pray for the ministry of CultureBound, let us know! Fill out our contact form here.

Read below to pray specifically for the needs of CultureBound. 

For the Ministry

Our goal is to be fruitful. We want to train people all over the world. We also want to send people all over the world. We ask you to pray that people who need our training would be sent to us. We ask for prayers that those we have trained would be successful in building relationships across cultures.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

For the Energy

Our staff needs energy and our business needs energy! We ask God for the daily bread needed to continue his work. Pray for the continued support from our partners. We also ask God to provide for the financial needs of CultureBound. We thank all of our partners who give to support the mission.

Image by Patrick Fore

For the Glory

Ultimately, we do this work for the glory of God. We ask that everything we do would further his name around the world. Pray for everyone involved with CultureBound to know and love God. Pray that God would work in divine ways around the world as cross-cultural relationships are built and doors are open. 

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Our partners receive a monthly email with detailed updates and specific prayer requests for that month. Are you interested in partnering with CultureBound? You can give here or let us know how you can partner with us here.