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Spread the Word

You can partner with CultureBound by sharing with friends! That's right, spreading the word about our organization is an excellent way to show your support. Whether you're a past course attendee, a church leader, or you heard about us through someone else, you can help out!

See some of the ways below you can share about CultureBound.

Lead Your Church

Maybe the most important group you can share about CultureBound with is your church. We truly believe that our training can help your community grow in cross-cultural relationships. Your church can benefit from our training in many ways. Send us a message here to discuss discount options for sharing with your church.

After Church

Share with Friends

Our courses are available for everyone. We hope you will share about our courses with your friends and family. The more people that are able to learn how to build relationships cross-culturally, the more we can come together around the world and find common ground on many things. When you refer a friend, get a discount! 

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Social Media

Follow us on social media! Share what CultureBound is doing with your friends on social networks. Join the conversation through commenting on our posts. Watch exclusive videos on YouTube.

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