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February 2024

Chapters Training in Tanzania

Our first Chapter training is taking place soon in Tanzania! Dr. Mark Hedinger will lead workshops training the trainers in mid February for about two weeks. Please pray for safety in travel, financial support, and above all that the assembled leaders will see the need and the approach to training; so that the African Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) can train their own people effectively. This will be the first of several  planned trips this year to establish Chapters. You can learn more about Chapters here.

February Language Course

The February Language Course was fruitful and thoroughly enjoyable. The trainees learned about and experienced relational language learning as they grasped new attitudes, skills, and knowledge (A.S.K.) and prayerfully incorporated them into language lessons they carried out with speakers of their new language. We all thanked the Lord for His leading throughout the week.

Training with CEF

We had the privilege of spending two hours with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) workers who are conducting Good News clubs in apartment complexes full of families from around the world. What an opportunity! What a challenge! After listening to some of the challenges, we discussed a few key cultural differences including the way people think, feel, and communicate. Together with the group, we came up with some ideas and suggestions that could help them understand and interact more effectively with children and parents. CultureBound trainers will be participating in a bigger CEF conference in March.

New Trainings in Production

Our primary training objective is to help trainees acquire A.S.K. in learning a new culture and language through relationships while they engage in unfamiliar environments. In alignment with this goal, we constantly enhance our training curriculum to refine our relational approach. We are pleased to share that several core courses are currently in development. We are almost ready to launch a culture course specifically tailored for Third Culture Kids (TCKs). Additionally, we are actively producing an expanded CB+ series encompassing diverse topics. We kindly request your prayers and encourage you to stay tuned for our forthcoming training materials.


January 2024

Chapters Updates

The Chapters are continually growing as we have in-person training dates set for Tanzania (February), Mexico (May), and Panama (July). Our Chapters training will be designed for Sending Chapters - the trainers in partner organizations and Support Chapters - churches and other organizations who are interested in training their people for outreach ministry. In the upcoming months, our staff will be directing their efforts toward developing curriculum and executing the establishment of our Chapters. Check out our latest video featuring insights from our partner in Panama, sharing the significance of Chapters.

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Mission Connexion 2024

From Jan. 19-20, CultureBound staff will host an exhibit table at Mission Connnexion North West. Dr. Mark Hedinger will be leading a workshop for the Short-Term Mission Connexion that meets at the same time as the larger, general Mission Connexion. Click here to learn more about Mission Connexion.

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Our January Training

The January Culture Course, scheduled from January 8 to 12, is currently underway. We have our Language Course ready to begin during the week of January 29. The next Group Training for long-term missionaries will be April 8-12 (culture) and May 6-10 (language). While customized training caters to individual needs, these group trainings serve as the cornerstone, promoting collaborative learning and offering practical experiences through field trips and learning community. For additional information, click here.

Matching gift met!

We're pleased to announce that our End-of-Year donation campaign for establishing CultureBound Chapters has surpassed the $7,000 mark last month! With the inclusion of a matching gift, the total funds allocated for multiplying our Chapters exceed $14,000. We are still working toward a total of $20,000, which comprises the full budget that we expect for the first year of Chapters ministry. We thank God and all the generous givers who have joined us in this mission!

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Thank You, Our Donors!

We send our wishes for God's blessings for 2024, especially to those who have joined our mission as donors. Donor Statements will be sent out mid-January via email. Paper statements will be mailed to those opted in. We appreciate your gifts and prayers!

Writing Letters
Happy New Year!

We express gratitude to God for the various training opportunities and relationships that enable us to collaborate for the advancement of His Kingdom. In reflecting on the growth and expansion of training initiatives through Chapters in 2023, we anticipate an ongoing commitment to serving the Lord. Our focus remains on equipping individuals sent to us by Him, ensuring that the gospel is preached in every corner of the earth.

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December 2023

CultureBound's Next Chapter in Baja California

We are happy to announce that we are equipping Rancho El Camino to be a CultureBound Chapter next year. This means that they will use CultureBound’s training approach to equip local Gospel workers in Mexico. Check out this video where we share why we believe this is such a strategic Gospel opportunity.

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Renewing Annual Accreditation with the ECFA

CultureBound has renewed our annual accreditation with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) for 2024. You can view our accreditation here.

Introducing CultureBound's Next Chapter

CultureBound is at a turning point. For the last 15 years, we have been equipping Gospel workers to be effective in the language and culture they are going to. Now, we are multiplying through CultureBound Chapters by training trainers throughout the world. Each Chapter is a local ministry that shares the same goal of crossing cultures with the Gospel. They will accomplish this goal using our materials and training approach. Each location will be equipped to multiply workers from their own regions. Check out this video for more details.

We're Becoming More Agile

In October and November, CultureBound conducted both our Culture Course and Language Course in two different formats. We did our week-long group training on the scheduled weeks. We also had a custom language training for someone in Asia who would not have been able to attend the group training because of time zone differences. There were others who could not take off work for a week, so we met once a week for five weeks. One of our core values at CultureBound is agility. We can adapt to trainees' needs and situations.

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Announcing Group Training for Culture & Language in 2024

We'll be launching our group training for Culture and Language courses starting this January! At the core of our mission is our commitment to providing foundational courses for long-term service to increase the effectiveness of Gospel ministry by facilitating intercultural understanding. Our dedicated team of trainers is ready to guide you through these transformative courses. Save the Dates! For more information, click here.

Culture Courses

January 8th - 12th

April 8th - 12th

July 29th - August 2nd

Language Courses

January 29th - February 2nd

May 6th - May 10th

September 9th - 13th

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Monthly Updates

We're excited to share with you what's happening at CultureBound here on our website. Stay tuned for all the good things God is doing through CultureBound!

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