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We train your missionaries to be self-directed
in learning culture and language.

Relational ministry is the key to success. Culture and language training is a small investment that brings huge value to time on the field.

As an agency director, we have partnered with CultureBound for many years. It is a requirement for our missionaries to take the culture and language courses before they go on the field. We have seen and experienced the benefit that this training provides to our teams. 

The CultureBound team is led by people with years of experience putting this training into practice. We noticed much greater success after our missionaries went through CultureBound training.

If you are part of an agency, I truly cannot recommend CultureBound enough. Since so much is invested in sending global workers around the world, doesn't it make sense to send them prepared? They will make connections and change lives with much more efficiency after CultureBound training.

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We thank our trusted agency partners.

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