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Media Library

CultureBound is happy to offer free and paid resources for all audiences. These items are supplementary to our courses and training, but allow you to continue your culture learning education at any time.
Share these resources with your church, missions team, or friends!

Monthly Magazine

Image by NMG Network

Every month, we release a digital magazine with articles, infographics, and personal stories that relate to cultural topics. Full library available on the next slides. 

Culture Learning Book

Colorful Books

Culture Learning: The Art of Understanding What No One Can Teach You, by Mark Hedinger, is your guide to building cross-cultural relationships.

Our Blog

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Read articles on cultural topics from our staff with years of experience in culture and language learning. Subscribe to be notified when a new blog is released!

Podcast Archive

Image by Chris Lynch

CultureBound released a series of podcast episodes called Walking Between Worlds. These conversations dive deeper into cultural topics with many perspectives.

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