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Learning to see through others' eyes

to make Christ known in the heart of every community

Culture & Language Training for Relationship


Culture Training

Our culture course is the foundation of CultureBound, designed to equip you with an intercultural mindset, attitude, skills, and knowledge for effective communication and fruitful relationships with the people to whom God has sent you.


Language Training

Our language acquisition training provides attitude, skills, and knowledge to enable you to be a self-directed language learner by building relationships with a language learning community.


Church Training

Our church training is a 12-week curriculum designed for small groups with leader. This training will encourage your church community to love their neighbors by learning and relating to those who come from different cultural backgrounds.

This course does a great job of holding you accountable to apply the lessons in the pockets of culture around you. The material is very good, but thinking through your cultural field trips with the instructors is where this course shines.

Culture Course Trainee, 2024

The core of our mission is to increase the effectiveness of Gospel ministry by facilitating intercultural understanding.

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CAMP Training


Short-Term Mission



CAST Training


Short-Term Mission

Online or In-Person


Culture Tree Project


All TCKs


Looking for Culture Training this summer?

We thank our trusted agency partners
Agency and Church references are available upon request

We have partnered with CultureBound for many years. It is a requirement for our missionaries to take the culture and language courses before they go on the field. We have seen and experienced the benefit that this training provides to our teams. 

The CultureBound team is led by people with years of experience putting this training into practice. We noticed much greater success after our missionaries went through CultureBound training.

If you are part of an agency, I truly cannot recommend CultureBound enough. Since so much is invested in sending global workers around the world, doesn't it make sense to send them prepared? They will make connections and change lives with much more efficiency after CultureBound training.

Mission Agency Director

We believe our training has the power to transform people and communities for the sake of the Gospel.

Your generosity will help CultureBound train Gospel workers to build bridges and make a positive impact in the field or within their own communities.


This book is your guide to building successful relationships with people from an unfamiliar culture.

Available in Print and Digital Formats,

in English and Spanish

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